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10/4/12 9News at 11am with Gary Shapiro

National Taco Day

In honor of National Taco Day, co-owner Gary Mobell and Chef Luis stopped by the 9NEWS studio to share the history of the taco with anchor Gary Shapiro. They showed viewers a few of Blue Bonnet's own specialty tacos, including chipotle pork tacos with habanero raspberry jam, pork rajas tacos and roasted vegetable tacos, and explained how Blue Bonnet likes to bring in the unique flavors of Mexico to make delicious taco combinations


2/10/12  Channel 9 News @ 4 pm

Valentine’s Day at Home

Blue Bonnet head chef Luis Galvez joined hosts Kim Christiansen and Heidi McGuire to share his special Valentine’s Day recipes perfect for spending a romantic evening at home. Chef Luis suggests cooking up gluten-free stuffed poblano peppers, healthy and delicious chicken adovado, and for dessert, caramel flan.


3/27/12 CW Morning Show 8:35 AM

Meals in Minutes: Gazpacho

Back on the CW for their monthly Meals in Minutes segment, Chef Luis Galvez showed host Tom Green how to make gazpacho – a tomato based vegetable soup served cold. It’s a quick and easy meal that’s perfect for the warmer weather of summer.


4/17/12 CW Morning Show

Meals in Minutes: Ceviche

Blue Bonnet co-owner Gary Mobell once again joined CW host Tom Green for their monthly Meals in Minutes segment. Gary demonstrated how to create a healthy, gluten-free ceviche that’s light, cool and refreshing. Served in bowl, on plate with lettuce, or as an appetizer, ceviche is a simple summertime favorite that can be made using your favorite type of fish.


5/1/12  Dan Daru & Fox

Cinco de Mayo

Dan Daru joined co-owner Gary Mobell live at the Blue Bonnet where he enjoyed a taste of Cinco de Mayo food and festivities. Gary served up some of his favorite Mexican staples, including stuffed poblanos, gazpacho and ceviche. And of course, no fiesta would be complete without a mariachi band and margaritas made with fresh squeezed fruits and veggies.


5/3/12  Colorado’s Best

Cinco de Mayo Goodies

Blue Bonnet chef Luis Galvez joined host Joana on the CW’s rooftop patio to share his special menu of favorite recipes for the restaurant’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. Chef Luis fired up the grill for carne asada and roasted corn on the cob, and even made Mexican fruit-filled popsicles to enjoy along with face painting, live music and drink specials.


5/17/12 CW Morning Show

Meals in Minutes: Tacos al Pastor

Chef Luis Galvez from the Blue Bonnet showed CW host Natalie Tysdal how to make Tacos al Pastor for their monthly Meals in Minutes segment. These kid-approved pork and pineapple tacos are sweet and spicy and appeal to every taste bud.


6/14/12 CW Morning Show

Meals in Minutes: Chicken Taquitos

Co-owner Gary Mobell shared with host Kim how the Blue Bonnet’s baked taquitos are the perfect answer to a quick meal that the whole family will eat. Using leftover chicken, meat or fish makes this recipe resourceful and flavorful. And because they are baked rather than fried, these taquitos are healthy, quick and easy!


6/21/12 Colorado’s Best

Grilled Salads and Ribs

Co-owner Gary Mobell and head chef Luis Galvez joined host Joana Canals to share a Blue Bonnet summer recipe idea you can cook on the grill - Playa Mango Salad with Chili Lime Chicken Kabobs. Instead of heating up the house by cooking inside, head outside and use the grill instead!


7/12/12 CW Morning Show

Meals in Minutes: Chicken Chili Lime Kabobs on Salad Bowls

Blue Bonnet co-owner Gary Mobell showed CW’s Meals in Minutes host Tom Green how easy it is to make Chicken Chili Lime Kabobs. They are a great dish to make when you’re in a hurry because you can let the meat marinate overnight or just put it directly on the grill with a little seasoning. You can even add some pineapple to make it sweet for the kids to enjoy. Throw over rice and beans or on a salad for yourself. It’s a big hit and fun in the summer time.


8/16/12 CW Morning Show

Meals in Minutes: Carne Asada

Blue Bonnet co-owner Gary Mobell once again joined CW’s Meals in Minutes host Tom Green to demonstrate how to make one of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine – Carne Asada. Carne Asada is a very popular dish in northern and western parts of Mexico and the Southwest United States. The translation means “grilled meat” in Spanish and Carne Asada can be used in burritos, tacos or eaten by itself.


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